Today, on May 22, the successive meeting of the National Commission for UNESCO of Turkmenistan was held in the MFA of Turkmenistan.

The session was attended by the Deputy Chairmen of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan, heads and representatives of relevant ministries and departments of the country.

At the opening of the session, the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan R.Meredov especially underlined the importance of expanding the cultural-humanitarian collaboration of Turkmenistan with UNESCO.   

In particular, the results of the work done from the beginning of the year in accordance with the Action Plan of the National Commission for UNESCO of Turkmenistan for 2021 were considered.

The issues related to the intensification of the activities on further entry of numerous historic and cultural monuments and crafts of Turkmenistan to the World Heritage List of UNESCO were viewed in detail.  Also, the issues on further entry of important natural objects of the country to the Representative Lists of UNESCO were considered.    

Special attention was paid to the work on the establishment of UNESCO departments in a number of institutions of higher education of Turkmenistan, as well as the inclusion of a number of comprehensive secondary schools of the country to the UNESCO Associated Schools Network.  

The report on the process of inclusion of the capital of Turkmenistan to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the art sphere “Design” was heard. 

Also, the advancement of activities in the framework of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Government of Turkmenistan and UNESCO for 2021-2023 signed in April of current year was considered.